A groovy wedding sanctuary located in Soho, Stone Fox Bride offers up inspo’ for a more beautiful life. Swoon over their Insta-pics and read about this re-imagined brand of New York romance.

the carrie dewdrop veil

The stereotype of five-year-old girls dreaming of Prince Charming appearing on horseback, poofy dresses, hair teased to hell, and all things pink is pretty whack. Any rerun on TV will tell you that the bridal norm is made up of played out princess gowns and run-of-the-mill showrooms where accessories are a fake lace-veiled afterthought. Creative Director Molly Guy, on the cusp of getting married in 2010, noticed this sad trend and was like, “Ew. This sucks.” Stone Fox Bride was born, a self-proclaimed “groovy, enchanted wedding sanctuary” that reimagines the romance of wedding dreams for brides-to-be in New York and beyond.

stone fox bride hilary veil

Stone Fox @Carroforsling in our lace Glenda dress and Hilary veil.

stone fox bride round gold engagement ring

They’ve known each other since they were nineteen, but went their separate ways when he moved to NY and she moved to L.A. She was in the city for work when they reconnected. One day she was napping in her treehouse and he urged her to wake up. He popped the question and he designed the ring himself.

tattoo that says wander

Just discovered intern Nicolette’s wander tattoo…

Rather than being relegated to that secret Pinterest board every girl has and never allows to be seen by the public, SFB offers swoon-worthy inspo that, although meant for dream weddings, makes you crave a more beautiful life. Sourcing the most luxurious fabrics and putting them straight into the hands of seamstresses at the city’s top ateliers, the vintage vibes of their gowns are as reverent as they are timeless. They also have an everyday collection of soft clothing and a “FUCK WEDDINGS” line of tongue-in-cheek garb fitting of the brand’s signature whimsy. Aimed straight at the heart of those who dig one-stop shopping, you can send your sweetheart to Stone Fox Bride to pick out The Ring (or, you know, pick it out with them, satisfaction guaranteed), as they have a collection of beautiful jewels with unique and have huge personalities.

stone cold fox interesting engagement ring

We got engaged in bed on a Saturday morning in  our Sydney apartment. We celebrated with gin and tonics at 8 a.m. Seven weeks later, we eloped in Sicily.

stone fox bride kenzo cover up

 Extremely obsessed with @stephanielacava right now in our vintage Kenzo cover up.

stone cold fox maria halo

New Maria halo handmade with silver beads, crystals, perarls and hand dyed lilacs.

If you want to get your Stone Fox on with no wedding in sight, they custom-make floral crowns that are to die for and perfect for summer when you’re feeling dreamy. On their blog, they feature a rad woman every week, covering ladies like Pamela Love and Cat Popper. What really stole my heart and made me a Stone Fox addict, however, is their Instagram account. Although you can read their Ring Stories on the blog, it is awww-inducing to be scrolling through your insta-feed and come across a photo of a gorgeous ring on a beautiful hand with a crazy proposal story submitted by Stone Foxes everywhere (hint: if you ever need proposal inspiration, this is the place to look). It’s refreshing to be reminded throughout the day that beautiful things can, and do, happen.

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tyler waugh in stone fox bride shawl

Beautiful Stone Fox Bride Tyler Waugh from behind in our fresh flower crown and embroidered blush 1920’s piano shawl.

frida dress from stone fox bride

Stone fox @Jess_rabbit as #stonefoxbride in our bell sleeve Frida dress and Hilary veil with 10 foot train and fresh roses.

airplant veil from stone fox bride

New airplant veil.

The small team at SFB lives for love, and it shows. Check them out, make mental notes, and attempt to see your life through a Stone Fox lens. — SHAYNA GONSALVES

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