Because music venues in NYC are constantly changing, we decided to find the best of the latest for you.

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We get it — New York is a city full of musicians, foodies and drunkies, etc. Even the crap-ton of NYC small business owners know it because we’ve noticed that they seemingly have an obsession with putting burgers, pizza, beer, cocktails and wine alongside a stage (which is obviously not a bad thing. We love to sober-up our buzz with bread, meat and heavy beats and then get buzzed again). However, because there are so many new music venues popping up around the city, there are undeniably many places, which are awful. So we decided to sift through the garbage and find you the best-of-the-best. Hell man, you deserve it. — MEGHAN FARNSWORTH


mercury lounge music venue in new york city

Located on East Houston street, this little gem is one venue featured as a part of a string of performance spaces, like the Bowery Presents, the Bowery Ballroom, the Music Hall of Williamsburg, Terminal 5 and Rough Trade NYC. But what makes this place extra special are the venue’s choice in kick ass musicians — well-known but not too well-known for the shows to be sold-out like Jack White at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Performances are so raw and original that you feel like the coolest person in the world because you get a sense that these bands will hit the big time some day.

mercury lounge music venue in new york city performance


baby's all right in new york city

This place has an amazing set-up with its bar and restaurant semi-separated from its main-stage. So if you decide that you want to eat at a booth or table before you enter the venue in order to hear some killer jams, you can definitely do so like a grown-up instead of standing around like a doofus with the remnants of your Hippie Grilled Cheese dripping off your fingers. The music is super fucking rad too. Like the Mercury Lounge, Baby’s All Right features original talent who haven’t let fame get to their heads. Even better yet: Happy Hour is between 5-8pm.

baby's all right in new york city interior

[photograph by Meghan Farnsworth featuring ICEWATER and Eleanor Friedberger]


cameo gallery new york's best music venue

This place is so interesting. Located right behind the Lovin’ Cup Café at 93 North 6th Street in Williamsburg, the Cameo Gallery is like that secret locked closet everyone talks about. In order to get to the gallery, you have to enter through the Café, so you look super suspicious and cool. The music is always a genre of its own, so you’ll never leave hear anything like it anywhere else.

cameo gallery in new york city interior


le baron in chinatown music venue

The is literally da club because not just everyone gets in. Posed as a heaven of special French hipster-ness, you must fit the aforementioned image in order to enter the venue (unless you’re on a list or something). If you are able to enter, there are three different floors, which each feature a different artist. Fashion/music label Maison Kitsuné had its CMJ ’13 party at Le Baron.

le baron chinatown new york city music

le baron best music venue in new york city


brooklyn night bazaar music venue

Brooklyn Night Bazaar is one of the most genius places to ever exist (with the exception of Disneyland/World, respectively). Open between 7-1 a.m., this late-night flea market is ideal for anyone looking to get their flea market fix while also getting high off of alcohol and tunes.

brooklyn night bazaar inside


brooklyn bowl music venue in brooklyn

The thing about having a music venue in Brooklyn versus Manhattan is that there is room to have a ginormous performance space. So on top of having a huge stage, you can also have a…bowling alley? That’s right — at Brooklyn Bow,  you can bowl while also watching a concert?! How genius is that? What makes this deal even sweeter is that on Sunday nights, if you mention the words “Sunday Night Special,” you can receive 50% off of any bowling lane after 8pm.

crowd at brooklyn bowl


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