Minimalist, leather, denim carry-ons.


The purpose behind MONSIEUR MISHIBA (Mr. Mishiba) is one of complete simplicity. That being: to create a functional yet stylish backpack for the urban inhabitant as they move and exist within the city landscape.  Couple Ellinor Lakdari and Lars-Martin Isler founded the brand in 2012 in response to their mutual admiration for simplicity — in a world that is more often than not, overtly complicated.

Based in Northern France, Monsieur Mishiba offers a high-quality backpack with a minimalistic design available in three versions — and nothing more. The elegant unisex backpack is tailor-made using “timeless fabrics of the highest quality,” promoting a return to traditional manufacturing processes that retain an attention to detail.




Each backpack is crafted using four textiles — brown vegetable tanned calfskin leather from Sweden, unbleached cotton lining from France, red-brown acrylic cord from Japan and a fourth fabric, which is exclusive to each of the three variations offered: the Sailor, the Worker, and the Fisherman.

For the fourth fabric, the Sailor uses unbleached cotton canvas, a testament to the thick and hardwearing sails on ships used for transporting freight and fishing. The Worker, using the familiar denim canvas, takes inspiration from the gold diggers who had originally used the indigo-colored cloth for tents. It was only during the time of the Industrial Revolution, that the workers themselves would begin to wear the sturdy cotton twill fabric. As to be expected, the Fisherman uses linen cloth in its variation, as this natural plant fiber have been used by fisherman since the Stone Age.




Though Monsieur Mishiba’s products do not exceed past the three takes on a single backpack, there is something refreshing to the clarity of the brand. Not only is their product fabricated with the highest quality materials and fabricated with the utmost proficiency, their concept is undeniably clear. This tasteful bag is perfect for both the urban and rural setting. So once the backdrop of your environment is clear it is then up to you to decide your preferred variation — Cotton? Denim? Or maybe linen? — VERONICA HOGLUND