French fashion house Chanel transformed his catwalk into a high-end supermarket where Cara Delevigne and Kendall Jenner strutted around and shopped for Chanel Spaghettini.

kendall jenner walking in chanel show

[image via Hello Magazine]

You know what goes best with biscuit fourré au chocolat? Chanel at Paris Fashion Week. Mais oui, if you’ve been trolling Instagram coverage of the event, you already know that yesterday’s “Chanel Shopping Center temporarily transformed the Grand Palais while permanently altering the traditional supermarket experience. And it was awesome.

The only thing us (wo)men enjoy more than shopping for new threads is shopping for food. How fitting that on the same day Karl Lagerfeld sends Rihanna and Cara Delevingne down the aisle-I-mean-runway in a shopping cart, women also break a new record on Forbes’ 2014 World Billionaires List.

Damn right, I enjoy grocery shopping. I also take as much pleasure in spending my hard-earned cheddar on a fresh piece of produce as I do on a fresh pair of sneakers. Now why didn’t I think of a Chanel shopping basket?

Our favorite Chanel Shopping Center ‘grams:

cara delevigne on chanel runway

rihanna and cara delevigne at chanel shopping center

karl lagerfield at chanel fashion week shopping center

chanel supermarket runway instagram

chanel runway show instagram photos

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