Participate in the Givesom 1.25 diet. It’s a win/win. 

You’re dining at a restaurant, and after the meal, a delicious chocolate layered cake with black sprinkles and a dash of ice cream and four spoons and…

“No thanks, I’m on a diet.”

Most of us have murmured the words. Casually. We calculate our consumption of food based on a slew of available information, then, we have the opportunity to accept or deny said knowledge. Meanwhile, we understand how fortunate we are. Now we have a bridge between the two: The Givesom 1.25 diet. It’s a “social good diet” that aims to lower calorie intake on one end, and also raise awareness (and funds) for those in various parts of the world that are starving for food — and not on purpose. The 1.25 plan separates the fashion of dieting between the realities of hunger.

To participate, pick one day of the week and then spend no more than $1.25 on food, giving you a chance to experience what billions of humans go through each day. (Yes we know, you could totally eat about 4 bags of Ramen with that, but please, think healthily.) Next, consider the amount you’ve saved on food and donate those dollars where it counts. Givsome quotes, “Why not take advantage of this and let our vanity feed their mouths?” The organization also mentions, appropriately, “NOTE: We’re not encouraging you to starve yourselves, we just want you to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day.”


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