Breakfast in bed 1953 Andre de Dienes

#thisweeksSHK gives you plenty of reasons to stay in bed.

Godmorgen søde mennesker! Coming to you from wonderful Copenhagen (I may be six hours ahead, but I have not abandoned my duties, my dears) is the ninth volume of This Week’s Seen Heard Known, telling you what we’re digging, reading and raving about at the mo’. Scroll through the rad initiatives below between sips of your late morning caffeine and savor this weekend’s second Sunday. (Thanks Columbus!) — MARIA EILERSEN

Man in a Cube

Dave, writer and New York City resident has found a way around our beloved city’s high cost of living. He lives in the Astor Place cube. Well, not really. The above video is a viral campaign for a modern meditation technique created by Whil — but it’s pretty cool, right?  Apparently, in a mere 60 seconds, you can reboot your mind to carry you through the day. Learn how here.


Image via Deviant Art

Japanese artist Haruki Godo is dressing Disney princesses in drag, trading in their feminine frocks for the wardrobe of their respective love interests to, at least ostensibly, liberate them of their fairy tale oppression.  Whether empowering these bitches is really necessary (considering the shallow impact of these G rated flicks on their target audience —  “If kids absorbed everything subconsciously through Disney movies, we’d have a bunch of vegetarian twenty-somethings walking around right now saving the planet just because of that“Colors of the Wind” song from Pocahontas.” Read the full anti-pant-wearing princess rant here), the image collection is still worth clicking through (here).

Javier Pérez – EN PUNTAS (extracts) from Javier Pérez on Vimeo.

“Ballerinas are often associated with beauty, grace, and elegant human forms. In his video En Puntas (‘On Points’), however, artist Javier Perez has managed to preserve all of these elements while also portraying the dark intensity, dedication and even violence that this graceful art form can represent.”

A beautiful, albeit painful, depiction of the efforts necessary to make dancing look delicate on stage.


ASSHOLE_kelleygreen_grande BROOKLYN_canary_grandeglossblack_aa3279f0-1f25-4e51-9c2c-c364f2e62927_grande


Various Key Tags makes exactly that. Never again will you need to fumble through keys like a janitor, plus you’ll add some humor to the mundane task of un/locking. Get ’em here.

Anatomy of a New Yorker cartoon via Ted

“In this hilarious, fast-paced, and insightful talk, the magazine’s longstanding cartoon editor and self-proclaimed “humor analyst” Bob Mankoff dissects the comedy within just some of the “idea drawings” featured in the magazine, explaining what works, what doesn’t, and why.”

As you’ve probably noticed, I have quite the penchant for New Yorker cartoon. Publishing about 17 of the 1,000 cartoons received each week, the publication has the art of selecting the aptly nuanced submissions down to a science, seeking just the right balance between clever and silly, timeless and contemporary, serious and funny.


Modern Day Snail Mail is an adorable experiment, in which Christina Venko handwrites all of her text messages with a calligraphy pen for a week. Limited to communicating with beautiful and grammatically correct messages, Venko challenges us to consider the sloppiness of today’s texting culture. Read more here.


Image via The New Yorker

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