In this week’s SHK Column — fashion you need to SEE, music you need to HEAR and rad stuff you need to KNOW — we’ve learned a few things… Handmade shoes with old school techniques still exist in trendy-forward styles, as is the case with our latest footwear crush, TBA Shoes. Kanye West may have made a pretty deep, dark album back with 808s and Heartbreak, but lift the auto-tune of “Street Lights” and embrace the beauty of West’s lyrical talents through KAIROS’ lovely cover. (Definitely a throw back worth checking out.) Speaking of Hip Hop making us smile this week, well… When Pharrell cries to Oprah, we get butterflies of happiness. April 14th — April 20th.


TBA SHOES trendy silver mules

Emerging from the south of Spain, To Be Announced is a shoe brand that won’t make you yawn. Basically, the urban nomad-inspired brand manages to capture current trends, but in a stylistic way that actually makes you want to partake in “what’s hot.” The shoes are created by hand, one pair at a time, and are complete with a combination of luxe materials, genuine leathers and top-notch embellishments. There’s so much you can do with these babies… And, they cross practically every style genre. So for those us who are constantly changing their looks (me!) TBA footwear is wardrobe perfection. P.S. they’re blog is in the form of craigslist ads — weird. cool. (visit them here.)

tba shoes plastic platform handmade

tba shoes spring summer 2014 lookbook

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