Marshall, who first voiced Tony the Tiger’s signature catchphrase “They’re grrrrrreat!” in 1999, died April 26 at Santa Monica Hospital in California from esophageal cancer.

In 1999 Marshall began lending his voice to the Tony the Tiger character. In 2005 he completely replaced Thurl Ravenscroft, who had voiced the character since 1952.

Frosted Flake’s commercial starring Tony the Tiger

He spent his early career as a radio DJ, news anchor and sports broadcaster. He went on to do voiceover work in cartoons and was often cast as a villain. He gained popularity working as a wrestling ring announcer and conducting ringside interviews with many prominent wrestling stars. He is best known for bringing Tony the Tiger to life.

Lee Marshall’s interview with wrestler DDP 

There is no official word on who will take over the role of Tony the Tiger. According to a CBS affiliate in Detroit, it’ll probably be someone who can emulate the character’s distinctive “basso profondo” (deep bass). I think a little piece of our childhood died also died because of his death. Who doesn’t remember hearing “They’re grrrrrrreat” while watching morning cartoons?

x R.I.P Tony the Tiger. z