There’s nothing like a good old (really old) story that ties the past to the present. The Baltic Sea and the 100-year-old message in a bottle story is smiles all around. But why?

Fishermen catch oldest message in a bottle in the world

In 1913, 20-year-old Richard Platz was strolling along Germany’s Baltic Coast deep in thought. After much contemplation, he decided to scroll a note down on a postcard, shove it into a brown beer bottle, cork the content to safety and then toss his thoughts to the sea.

The notion is romantic (we know this because it was in a Nicholas Sparks’ novel) and although there are a ton of messages in bottles found everyday, this is the oldest one to date. It doesn’t seem like this should be a big deal, but for some reason everyone is raving about it. The thing is, we need those little reminders that tangible connections with our thoughts still exist. Plus, mystery all around. What was is about? Arugh… The turmoil. It could be a love note, a confession to a crime, a philosophical observance… Unfortunately, it’s not totally legible, yet, but they were able to decipher enough to keep the mystery going.

“Platz was identified as the author of the note, and a Berlin-based genealogical researcher then located 62-year-old Angela Erdmann, his granddaughter. Erdmann says she never met Platz, who was her mother’s father. He died in 1946 at age 54.” (quote and images via NPR)

The writer requested the message be sent back to him, but since he’s no longer alive, the message was sent to some scientists who found his granddaughter. How weird right? When you throw a bottle into the ocean, are you supposed to be under the impression it’s gone forever? I’d be weary what you write in those sealed notes folks, someday it might come out (and it might not take a 100 years). Still, this is just such a cute story. That vintage bottle would make great decor and we hope the granddaughter gets to keep it, but a museum would be cool too.

Anyways, this story got our smiles going *aww*. So we wanted to share the good vibes.

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