Choking on the bubbly? Sexin’ on your parliaments?

Here’s me explaining the lyrics to Volcano Choir’s new album Repave. An album I absolutely adore and one that makes me feel things on a lot of different levels. Even though half of the time I don’t know what the fuck he is saying. Justin Vernon’s lyrics are always intentionally fragmented with a surreal, fantasy-like quality, but I can’t understand one single word of any Volcano Choir song. — EMILY MARUCCI



What it sounds like he’s saying:

“Shameless in hummus,”

like a violin strumming.”

“We were gonna hit every mark,

in stark,

but the Suptra didn’t suture that long day in the park.”

What he’s actually saying:

“Shameless in humming,

Like a violin strumming.”

“We were going to hit every mark

in stark,

But the sutra didn’t suit you that long day in the park.”

What it feels like he’s saying:

If you wait until the end of the song, and you’re a poet like me, you recognize Charles Bukowski’s voice. And the song takes on a whole other meaning. At first I felt nostalgia and just pictured myself waving my hands through the air outside of a car window. As the trees were turning colors and I was thinking about a guy that made me feel weak. My hometown. Being in love and living at home with my parents. That was strange.

Justin told Pitchfork, “The poem starts out with him talking about showering with this woman and washing his ballsack — all this crude Bukowskian stuff — but by the end he’s extremely drunk and crying and he can’t get through it. He’s like, “Make it so that I die in my sleep and not in my life.” It’s this incredibly powerful and manly man completely giving into the fact that he is weak and small.” “So I was very stoned one night by myself, half-watching SportsCenter and listening back to “Alaskans” and, all of a sudden, I was like, “Oh my god, this whole outro section has to have this specific poem playing in the background.”





What it sounds like he’s saying:

Can caaap on ya ully lop” or

“Can’t carry on your own, can’t care bout your older man”

What he’s actually saying:

“Can’t care about your lonely lie?”

 What it feels like he’s saying: Tranquility.



What it sounds like he’s saying:

“So gentle in my livery, ahhhhh ahhh ahhh. Now you’ll let me in. Pass the cinnamon.” 

What he’s actually saying:

“And you will break down so tear in my new weak. Now you let me in, passed the sediment”

But, as one person said on said, “This song, much like the rest of the album, is brilliant musically but my god, the lyrics are meaningless and poetically terrible. BTW, I think it is “PASS THE CINNAMON.” We are with you dude (on the cinnamon part) cheers!

What it feels like he’s saying: Every site says the lyrics are something else. This song is so hard to decipher. But for some reason it makes me think of church pues at the beginning, a very uncomfortable sound and feeling for me. But when the guitar comes in I feel like I can go sleep peacefully and have dreams of running through daisies and playing with chalk in the driveway where I grew up. Nostalgia at its best.


 Volcano Choir performs “Comrade” for City of Music

What it sounds like he’s saying:

“Like I didn’t know it, choking on the bubbly”

“Can’t do it no more. Honey pin, the bunny’s in.” ‪

“Attack on da roller shit. Don’t mind if my heart all split up open. Floor of the jackpot. You’re the floor to the jackpot. Reggie Wild.”

What he’s actually saying:

“Like I didn’t know it, choking on the pulp of it”

“Can’t do it no more. The honey bin, the bunny’s in”

The only thing I could find is, “ That ticonderoga’s shit, made my mind and heart all split up over, the floor of the jackpot, where’d you rise?”

What it feels like he’s saying: Passion, anger. I’m gonna be a music dick and say that this is the best thing on youtube today. I CAN’T DO ANYTHING BUT WATCH THIS AT WORK. Coldplay only fuckin’ wishes.


“Bygone” Official Music Video

What it sounds like he’s saying:

“Well ya know that all an oiling now, I heard you promise me a dig dog anime a monogamy, cut there from feeing me leaves. SET SAILLLLL”

“I heard you put the carpet in, so why aren’t you confident?”

What he’s actually saying:

“You know that we are northern now

Heard you promise me at the north end of monogamy

Cut there from filament lead”

“Oh, you plenty competent

So why aren’t you confident

It’s softening to be softening

Then why are you so constant then?”

What it feels like he’s saying:  Drinking whiskey, watching someone smoke cigarettes at the bar. Fucking them on the drying machine? What can I say? It’s super sexual.

The Making of Repave

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