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Four Brooklyn so-and-sos with a penchant for coining slang terms that only they can use or understand, The So So Glos formed in 2007 in an attempt to combat the too-cool-for-school status quo they encountered so often in their nabe’s art scene. Inspired by DIY culture and all things Punk, the band of mostly brothers helped to create Brooklyn’s Market Hotel and Shea Stadium, all-ages venues that do a lot to promote art, and have been on countless self-produced tours that have taken them across the country and back. Although they define their made-up phrase “so so glo” as “a post-modern narcissist who’s devotion to one’s ego surpasses their devotion to any social, political, or moral cause,” a pleasure-seeker, or (more literally) the glow emitted from a phone or computer onto one’s face, The So So Glos, through their actions and music, have fought hard to reverse their own definitions. Be on the look out for their next album, “Blowout,” without a release date as of yet, and discover their private dictionary and infectious sound at

So So Glos from the Summer Issue from SHK on Vimeo.

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