A nostalgic sound of a brooding nature is the M.O. of The Preatures new EP Is This How You Feel?

the preatures band ep cover art for is this how you feel

Even in an over-saturated world of the Pop Rock aesthetic, The Preatures Is This How You Feel EP is an album totally worth taking a listen at. The meshing of vocals from Isabella and Gideon will leave their tracks stuck in your head for days and with the audacious nature of the songs, we can understand if you start singing on the street.


“Dark Times”

track listing:

1. Is This How You Feel?
2. Manic Baby
3. Revelation (So Young)
4. All My Love
5. Dark Times

These Sydneyites have hit it just right. The title track (“Is This How You Feel”), responsible for the group’s current buzz, is a throwback to feelings of insecurity and a need to understand through love. Isabella is a vocal goddess managing to hit the right spots and keep you loving every second — it’s sublime as hell. When Gideon takes the reigns in the later part of the EP, he sings about the giving away of ardor (and, it’s amazing that anyone wouldn’t take it with a voice like that). There’s a pleasingly groovy darkness throughout “All My Love,” which one must find their way through to get to the last track. “Dark Times” is full of energy for miles, the perfect dance party finale (kina’ interesting with a name like “Dark Times”). OK, yeah, we know people don’t listen to records in full like they used to, but we do… So we highly suggest you hit up iTunes, or just do whatcha’ do to grab this album. They also have some upcoming tour dates, so check those as well.

SHK asked The Preatures to tell us one thing we should SEE, HEAR & KNOW. These are their suggestions:

SEE: this:

The Big Lipinski

HEAR: The sound of a cold beer cracking open.


KNOW: You are the dude.

the preatures band photo for the release of their debut EP all my love

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