I had the honor of attending a fabulous mixer at the Round Hill Music Publishing office that featured Grammy nominated musician, Ryan Shaw of Motown the Musical and Animal Years. Oh, and it was an open bar!

After a long hot day at work I headed over to 400 Madison Ave with my plus one clutch to attend the Sounds Like Summer concert.  I felt like I was with a bunch of friends that I’ve known forever. The event couldn’t have been any better. Not only was there great music, but it was held outside on the Round Hill Music Rooftop. You can only imagine how awesome the view is from the 18th floor.

crowd at round hill music

Ryan Shaw opened the show and performed for a small intimate crowd. while he played, we all mingled and sipped some cold pink lemonade vodka drinks and Heineken’s. Both are perfect summer drinks but, I opted for the vodka drink which, got me just the right amount of tipsy.  As I sipped, I listened to Ryan’s soulful voice echoed throughout the rooftop as we watched along memorized by how high he can hit a note. If you’ve never heard of him you need to check him out A-SAP.

ryan shaw



Just when I thought this night couldn’t get any better, Animal Years hit the stage. Well, the roof. The dudes really tugged on my heart. Especially the lead singer who’s raw voice created some pretty awesome emotions. This Brooklyn-by-way-of-Baltimore Indie band really knew how to rock out and get the crowd to love them.


“Let Go Of Your Head”

After the musicians wrapped up my plus one and I mingled with some other party-goers. We met a nice group of people and we swapped stories about our less-than-exciting lives grinding in NYC. One new friend is in a band and he invited us to see his band play. If I could describe my experience in one word it would be success…

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