We wanna drink some pints with the girls from Potty Mouth. With surfy post-punk guitar leads, grounded-to-the-point lyrics, their down-to-earth jean jacket, graphic tee dress — we are left feeling super drunk off of their songs. Here’s the Potty Mouth SXSW photo diary so you can be fake friends with them too.

potty-mouth-band-sxsw-photo-diaryAbby Weems, Ally Einbinder, Phoebe Harris and Victoria Mandanas are four rad looking gals that trump lots of qaurtets that we’ve been introduced to in the past. Formed while attending the all girls Northhampton Smith College, where Phoebe had never even picked up a guitar and Ally had never even attempted to write lyrics to a song… It seemed an unlikely fate that they would be traveling to SXSW and cheers-ing glasses with like-minded artists like Speedy Ortiz (who they ran into at SX and who hails from Northhampton as well). These 20-somethings have Rock and Punk and Pop running through the veins of their newest album Hell Bent, which makes us feel like total 90s kids again (and why not?)


Ally’s smiling face right before our flight from Hartford to Austin took off!


Ally and Phoebe hanging and soaking up some much needed sun in Austin.


Victoria, Ally and Phoebe taking some celebratory arrival-into-Austin tequila shots.


We found Bridget from Tweens at the Sailor Jerry House during Bleeding Rainbow’s set. Two of our favorite current bands!


Abby jumps for joy while “Walking On Sunshine” plays from an 80s mix CD we found in Austin.


This is weird framed photo of a duck “taking a gander” in the bathroom of the apartment where we’re staying.


Phoebe, Abby, Rob (Old Flame Records) and Matt (Speedy Ortiz) at the Cloud Nothings/Kurt Vile show at Cheer Up Charlies.


Matt from Speedy Ortiz sporting a really cool backpack.


 We randomly found this Blues Clues balloon backstage at the Cloud Nothings/Kurt Vile show.


Abby looking super cool on our walk back from our first full day of SXSW festivities.

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