Like the soundtrack to a new age remake of The Breakfast Club, the hypnotic beats of DWNTWN’s EP “DWNTWN” echoes gently upon my tiny hipster heart strings.

dwntwn band

In “Missing you” A hint of banjo is complimented by the Frou Frou-esque voice of singer Jamie Leffler as the heavenly folk-electric sounds begin to resonate around me, bringing me to a new level of music euphoria that leaves me with a distinct and primal craving for more.

There are many things in life I am picky about, a list of which coincidentally enough seems to grow with age, and naturally, music is one of them. While I don’t have a particular genre, because I find myself listening to everything from Hoagy Carmichael to Tupac, I do know this, I have to love the artist, I have to love the message, and I have to love the style to make that giant leap from “Just listening” to “In a Committed Music Relationship” Yes, before I make such a commitment and bring an artist back to my iPad to stay, it’s only natural that I make sure I am really, really into them. That being said, after listening to ‘”DWNTWN” admittedly, again and again, and by choice (not just because I’m writing this article) that I’ve decided to invite DWNTWN to stay, indefinitely. And with any luck, they will make an honest man out of me. Yes, I’ve fallen, and fallen hard. I find myself smitten and entranced by songs such as “Skins” where a concoction of Enya and James Bond springs to mind. A mix that is undeniably just as unique and amazing as it sounds.

“Til Tomorrow”

Then there are songs like “‘Til Tomorrow” where the vocals of Robert Cepeda crawl so smoothly from the speakers and in such a handsome tone that I find my girlfriend immediately smiling, to the point where I am left wondering just what exactly it is she is thinking, however, I’m under the distinct impression that she is imagining who he is, what he looks like, and possibly more. Yes, even with me in the room his voice seemingly evokes a stream of shameless thoughts from her, of which, I am not privy too, so hats off to Mr. Cepeda. But just when I start to feel that sting of annoyance at her exaggerated and overly whimsical sighs,  her coy smile and bare feet lightly tapping to the beat of songs such as “Heroine” and “Blankets” on the cold hardwood floor conjures a smile from me as well, one that can’t be easily shaken. It’s easy to see now that DWNTWN’s EP is just plain contagious.

The cure? Well at this stage, there is none, the only advice I can offer is to ensure that the replay button is properly marked and that “DWNTWN” is easily available and accessible to you at a moment’s notice, especially during a commute.  And though I am quite aware of my eclectic and frankly ostentatious collection of music in my iTunes library (that, like an addiction, seems to grow every day) I have found that, for now, in this moment of my life, DWNTWN’s fusion of what I have deemed as folk-electric as well as their passionate lyrics has a taken a special hold on me that beckons me to listen to them more so than any other artist in my collection, and I have zero complaints about my current fixation.

In all, My findings with DWNTWN’s EP shows an immense amount of promise and I recommend everyone, regardless of genre preference give them a go. Yes, there is that risk of being completely transfixed and falling deeply and madly in love with them, as I have, but what is life without risks? What is life without a little “DWTWN”?

SEE: The Sopranos. We just finished watching the whole series and it’s the best show we’ve ever seen. It gives Breaking Bad a run for its money.

HEAR: Red Eyes by The War on Drugs. We can’t stop listening to this song.
KNOW: We would rather drink in the parking lot of a club than go inside. I mean come on a 12 pack vs 1 cocktail, it’s a no brainer!

x You can check out DWNTWN’s EP on iTunes by clicking here x

[featured image via Sole Republic]