Lip Talk dishes on what it means to be a Brooklyn musician (plus, she slips into her wedding dress, just for us).

lip talk sarah pedinotti amanda picotte

Having played everywhere from POP Montreal to NYC Fashion Week, Lip Talk is certainly a band full of surprises. Sonically sophisticated, she will leave you wondering what exactly you just heard and why you don’t hear it blasting everywhere you go. With a background in R&B and Rock n’ Roll, frontwoman Sarah Pedinotti Kyle has brought her band to the forefront of Brooklyn’s underground music scene. As part of a collective called FYO, SPK and her bandmates are continually involved with a range of other Brooklyn-based musicians, something she considers essential to keeping her music vibrant and relevant. I recently sat down with her to talk about Brooklyn’s underground music scene, her collaborations with fashion designer Billy Reid, and where Lip Talk is going next.

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