flume and lorde

Flume’s remix of Tennis Courts by Lorde was unveiled at Coachella. Now watch it again here, in case you were too stoned to function, let alone remember it.

Think back to Coachella (is it done yet?) You can scroll through your insta-feed if you need to refresh your booze soaked memory. Remember dancing in a sea of exposed mid-sections, faux-boho attire and flower crowns to Australian EDM DJ-slash-producer Flume at the Gobi stage, alongside what felt like 50 million Aussie supporters that flew over 15 hours to “get farked up mayyytteee?” Amid the blur of electronic beep-bops there was a recognizable track that made all the #basicbitches climb out of their K-hole and say, “I love this song, they play it at my SoulCycle class.” Good lordy-wordy you must be gone off that water bottle,” screamed Eminem (allegedly). No Eminem, it was the MDMA in that water bottle and yeah it was Lorde and it was good. Flume’s remix of  Tennis Court by Lorde, the opening track from the New Zealander’s album Pure Heroine had the crowd of Aussies almost forget their arms were flailing excitedly for a Kiwi. Check it out below… “Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nah nah” SHUT UP Eminem.

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Eminem quotes are unverified. Duh.