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“Music is one of the most intimate ways to communicate emotions. It triggers parts of the brain that can’t be triggered by words.”

You may know them from their wistful summer hit, “Games,” the track that soothes away stress, its smooth synthetic beats echoing moments of both nonchalance and bliss, while the recurring lyric “it’s alright, and it’s alright” assure you in moments of romantic despair. Indie quartet Claire is the creative mind behind this lyrical rumination on the labors of love and today marks the release of their debut EP (with full length album The Great Escape out in 2014).

Eponymously named after its title track, Broken Promise Land is an emotional compilation of warm, sweeping and melodic German electro-pop that juxtaposes melancholy and euphoria. “Our sound doesn’t satisfy the definition of a single genre, so there are no barriers,” lead vocalist Josie Claire Bürkle tells SHK.

Casually formed in January 2012 to write and record a piece for a short film soundtrack, the modest band — comprised of the  tough-yet-infectiously happy Josie Claire Bürkle (vocals), the conflict averse Florian Kiermaier (guitar), the cat loving and inappropriate youngster Fridolin Achten (drums), know-it-all dad Matthias Hauck (synths), and the geeky coffee snob Nepomuk Heller (synths) —  discovered an effortless dynamic and a shared desire for something to call their own. “We can rely on each other,” says Bürkle when asked to describe their group dynamic.

Though Bürkle admits the use of her middle name for the group is slightly awkward, the tomboy with waist-length golden locks isn’t troubled by being the sole female in the group. “I may need a bit longer in the bathroom to dry my hair, but the band treats me like I’m one of the guys, ” she says.

claire-german synthpop-electropo-indie-band-broken promise land-games

Using music as a form of therapy to challenge frontiers and confront inner demons, the group hopes for nothing more than the chance to get heard. “Music is one of the most intimate ways to communicate emotions. It triggers parts of the brain that can’t be triggered by words.” Bürkle explains.

Adding depth to the typically mundane question of inspiration, Claire describes their creative process as one of collecting feelings, sights, sounds and memories for an ever-changing,  never-ending musical archive that continues to spark ideas for songs. Their music is a product of collective experience, moving the listener with its light ethereal sound created by the artful constellation of vocals instruments and synthesizers.

“Games” — Claire 

Join the escape — Get Claire’s debut EP Broken Promise Land here.