Hands down one of the best music spot in New York is Bowery Ballroom. Up-and-coming national acts with Indie Rock leanings occupy the two-level music venue, home to the city’s best sound system… Plus, the downstairs bar is a great place to get toasty before the show. The Ballroom is the crown jewel of the Bowery Presents chain of local venues. On May 20th, I saw The Weeks perform on the Bowery Ballrooms stage, here’s what happened…

the weeks live

Smelling fresh like inscence and beer, the band hit the stage to perform to an intimate crowd. There was a lot of beards and thick, black framed glasses and flowy dresses in the room, but it had a wonderful friendly vibe. Like we all somehow knew each other. Maybe because we were all there for some southern hospitality Indie Rock. The crowd  casually sipped on brews as the music took over The Bowery. The faves of the night were “Mississippi Rain“, “Slave to the South” and “Brother n the Night“.

“The House That We Grew Up In”

The 5-piece band  played their cathartic output of songs that all stem from the same root: their geography and disadvantaged youth.Their music frames the impact of their surroundings and pointedly references their life in the South. The band utilizes attitude and emotions to punctuate their experiences. 

The weeks bowery ballroom

They casually sipped on Budweiser and swigs of dark liquor during pauses in between songs. Lead vocalist, Cyle Barnes, was ultra soft spoken and almost shy, but in a secretive sexy kinda way. He thanked the crowd (in his thick southern accent) for taking the time to come out and telling us how much he loved us. We loved him back too, all night long.

the weeks lead singer

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