“Will America save him?” 5 words people think we should say: Get Outta Here With That. But, we are sort of digging Alex Preston from this season. Here’s why.

1. It’s usually a glamorized karaoke contest. And Alex flubbed a few words in the beginning. But the instrumental arrangement was pretty rad  and he made the song his own:

Alex Preston covering Rihanna’s “Stay”

2. It pisses us off that One Direction is the richest boy band in British music history. Each member has made 14 million. F*ck. The crazy thing is the band came from that weirdo Simon Cowell. “Story Of My Life” from One Direction is a song that’s hard to listen to, but Alex makes it bearable…

Alex Preston covering One Direction “Story Of My Life”

3. It’s hard to find a good picture of him. Which makes us laugh.

alex preston from american idol

[images via AmericanIdol.com]