Did you hear about Google’s latest project? It’s probably one of the raddest things they’ve done in awhile. Using street view, Google Art Project has catalogued some of the world’s best street art and annotated it with graffiti trivia.

Yesterday Google released 5,000 images of street art from around the world in their latest endeavor, Google Art Project. From Bogotá to Paris to the now extinct 5Pointz in Queens, Google brings you on a guided tour of some of the world’s most amazing neighborhoods, giving you the history and cultural context in which the graffiti was made. As Google announced in their blog,”The transient nature of street art means it can be at risk of being scrubbed out and lost forever to its legions of fans. But long after the paint has faded from the walls, technology can help preserve street art, so people can discover it wherever and whenever they like.”

With this new program, you can explore streets that are graffiti sanctuaries but aren’t necessarily open to the public. You can also wander through buildings that have long been street art meccas, especially ones that no longer exist like 5Pointz and the Paris 13 Tower:

stuff trivia thursday paris 13 tower


Artists and enthusiasts have curated interactive exhibits you can click through and learn the backstory of these incredible murals. Here are some of my favorite street artists discovered using Google Art Project. Explore around and be sure to share whatever amazing work you find, too!

Invader – São Paulo, Brazil

stuff trivia thursday invader pac man

stuff trivia thursday invader

12 Brillos Crew – San Miguel, El Salvador

stuff trivia thursday 12 brillos crew

Alo – UK

stuff trivia thursday alo

stuff trivia thursday alo uk

Ayrz – Lodz, Poland

stuff trivia thursday Ayrz stuff trivia thursday ayrz poland

Dal East – Malaga, Spain

stuff trivia thursday dal east

Daniel Melim – São Paulo, Brazil

stuff trivia thursday damiel melim brazil

stuff trivia thursday daniel melim

[images source from Google Art Project]