Bugles. Gushers. Dunk-A-Roos. Trivia of childhood snacks.



These days, lists and memes commemorating the joys of a ’90s childhood are everywhere. So this week, we’re taking a walk down memory lane to relive some of our favorite snacks. They may not be the healthiest choices for your mid-afternoon pick-me-up, but thinking about chowing down on these at the office certainly puts a smile on our faces. In fact, we’re thinking about ordering ourselves a gift bag right now.


“I’ve always loved cheese, especially when I was a kid. They made a version with crackers and you had to spread it on with a little red stick but that was exhausting.”

It’s like sticking carbs in your mac and cheese.

TNMT were the bomb. Oh, and those free stickers were rad. We know you know what we’re talking about. Notebook decor!


We never realized how Fruit Roll-Ups actually resemble a very long yoga mat. Back then we spent so much time hoping it wouldn’t get stuck between our pearly whites.

“Remember when you were at lunch, and you had a shitty snack… And the kid next to you had a Fruit Roll-Up. Oh, the envy.”


“I think I’ve been eating Bubble Tape since the day I was born. Then when I was a teenager, I used it to hold my weed in.”



“I used to use these as lipsticks and smear them all over my lips.”

Well… Beauty lessons had to begin somewhere, right?


Now who can ever forget Dunk-A-Roos? Those D’s were made for dunkin’! Due to a production scale-back, these cookies are pretty much extinct. On the plus side, not all hope is lost… Walmart still carries them.


“They were pretty rare, so if you had them you’d be like, the king or something.”

 Gushers: fronting the candy scene and making kids jelly since 1983.


Gotta love Smucker’s Uncrustables — a.k.a. the cooler version of PB&J sandwiches. We don’t know about you, but crusts are hella annoying. Life’s too short to peel crusts off your sandwich. In the words of Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins:



Lick the top, dip it in powder, shake, lick it again. Repeat. Way better than lollies. Not to sound sexual.


“They were better when I was little and had little fingers so I could put them on my fingertips. They should make bigger ones for adults who like to play with their food.”

We’re glad they didn’t decide to discontinue Bugles, or half of America would be crying for the loss of these editable finger puppets. What makes Bugles so irresistible is the fact that it’s fried in coconut oil junk food. On a second thought, ignorance is bliss.


“Does Oreo O’s taste like Oreos? Well, not exactly, but it tastes pretty damn close, as least much closer than Cookie Crisp tastes like an actual chocolate chip cookie or Apple Jacks tastes like an apple. The ironic – and truly heartbreaking – corollary is that both Cookie Crisp and Apple Jacks will never be discontinued, allowed to perpetuate in “kinda sorta but not really” taste equivalence while Oreo O’s may never come back to these golden shores. And that is more depressing than any long, tiring day at the office will ever be.”

Ah well, those were the good Ol’ days.

And that concludes our round-up of childhood snacks we miss. Leave a comment and let us know what we missed and maybe we’ll add it to the list!

[all of these images are sourced via Tumblr and product images from Google]