A concise guide to train etiquette. You’re welcome.

two women on subway in new york city

If your city has a subway and you have a job or anywhere to go at all you should know there are universal rules to riding on a subway. They come in all shapes and sizes, they are usually in their 20s and they are complete a$$holes (the people that have never read this list.) The dude that does not put his backpack in between his legs, the girl that cuts in front of your parked spot as you wait for the train to arrive (let the people out, first!) The greasy looking guy that is leaning against the whole pole, as you try to squeeze your pinky finger under his jacket to hold on at all. There are so many people that have a total inability regarding train etiquette. Here is SHK’s short, concise (and funny) guide to train etiquette.

woman on grand central station subway hiding her face

— Don’t look anyone in the eyes (don’t stare). If you can’t help it, wear sunglasses.

man pouring beer on new york city subway

— Don’t sit next to someone when there’s more room somewhere else.

woman hugging pole on subway

 Don’t hog the pole.

subway platform exit signs

— If you’re back is against the exit doors, get outside the train so people can move past you.

people waiting for subway train on platform

—  If you’re waiting on the platform, stand to the side so people can get out.

person going down stairs in subway station

— Keep right on the stairs to allow for oncoming human traffic.

gif of a moving subway train

— Don’t walk through the carriages, the noise makes the environment briefly unsettling and you look like a douchebag.

shout out to the nycsubwayguys tumblr. Definiton: New York Subway Guys is the place to post pictures of the hot guys you see in the NYC subways… And the subways all over the world! Too. Funny.

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