Remembering the little things in life. Full stop.

a perfectly brewed coffee and white mug

It might be a generational thang, but it seems like everyone I know (myself included) allows themselves to be way too distracted by the things in their lives that could be different… Or rather, be better. It’s an annoying habit, no? When we’re always equipped with ready-to-dish complaints, it’s hard to remember/recognize the millions of chances for happiness passing us by every day. So, here is a gentle reminder of some awesome little things, which you’ve probably forgotten about, that will surely bring a smile to your face — unless of course, you’re a total bummer with no hope of retribution. Oh, and add your own in the comments section for some more inspiration please! We like to share the love, peeps. — SHAYNA GONSALVES

  • A perfectly made… Anything. Whatever it is that you’re obsessed with, like latte art in the late morning on a Saturday from your fave cafe.
  • The feeling of really heavy wind right before a storm. It moves through you.
  • Staying in bed wide awake and giggling until 4 a.m. with someone who makes you feel all stupid inside. Ahh, that fuzzy warm fluttering.
  • A book so good that the characters become your family.
  • Being lazy and being perfectly content with it.
  • Finally feeling passionate about something and actually doing something about it.

moving nighttime ocean waves gif

  • Walks along the water, especially at sunset in the summer.
  • Forgetting that stars exist, and then finally getting out of the city and remembering.
  • Oysters.
  • The smell of basil on your fingertips.
  • Having something incredibly, heart-warmingly sentimental — like a hand-distressed, flannel-lined denim jacket slaved over for the sake of love. A lust-worthy vintage typewriter. A stolen shirt.
  • Inside jokes.
  • Letters/cards/anything in the mail that isn’t asking you to pay money.
  • Sleeping in.

girl sleeping in white bed with pink flowers

  • Any bird in New York City that isn’t a pigeon.
  • Painting your own nails and having someone ask you if you had them done.
  • When having your music on shuffle ends up being the most perfect playlist.
  • Walking into a killer sale and finding something that’s your size and that you cannot live without.
  • Working really hard to get something right and finally having it work out. A few weeks ago, I tried to make eclairs from scratch. The first two times went pretty terribly, there were tears involved (thank you, hormones). But then my anger turned into determination and the third time was magic.
  • Giving little gifts for no reason, although getting them is just as fun.
  • Smiling babies.
  • Finding a blog that you’re obsessed with.
  • Not wearing pants because, come on. Who even invented pants?
  • Puppies!
  • The smell of a campfire/bonfire/whatever lingering on your hair.

a camping bonfire in the woods

  • New sheets and pillow cases on your bed.
  • Singing along to that song that you’re super embarrassed about loving.
  • When flowers start to poke up through the ground.
  • Running into someone you know on the street (as long as you don’t mind seeing them, of course).
  • Not having to wear a jacket.
  • Croissants from Ceci Cela.

Ceci Cela breakfast croissant illustration

  • Getting a seat on the subway, especially if it’s crowded.
  • Good surprises.
  • The feeling you get while in a sea of people at a concert.
  • Really long car rides with non-stop conversation.
  • Holding the door open for someone and having them actually say, “Thank you.”
  • Netflix.
  • Being able to recognize someone’s handwriting.
  • The first sunrays of spring on your skin.
  • Having a real conversation that isn’t through an electronic device, because texting only gets you so far.
  • Being so excited your stomach has butterflies.
  • Finding a friend who you’re able to share things with: like recipes, nail polish, new toothpaste flavors or shoes.
  • Using a bit of your time, even if you think that you haven’t got any, to do something for a good cause.
  • Photographs that you can hold in your hands.

wooden table with polaroids of open skies

  • Feeding animals, especially cows.
  • Finding a chance to hop in the ocean at least once a year.
  • Drinks with friends on porches.
  • Remembering that things aren’t so bad and you just need to slow down for a minute.

[feature image photographed by Claudia Suspiria. Other images via tumblr, if these images belong to you, please let us know because you’re awesome, and we’d like to provide proper credits/remove image(s) upon request.]