Easy all natural floral tattoo.

floral tattoo sleeve

For those of you who have always wanted to rock a tattoo sleeve but are afraid of the commitment involved, we have found the perfect girly alternative for you, in the form of flower petals. Who knew that pressed flowers could easily stick to your skin with just a bit of vaseline, offering a bright and beautiful temporary tattoo to put all others to shame. Make-up artist Verity Cummings came up with the idea on a recent photoshoot for Oh Comely Magazine, since which the blogging world has lit aflame with girls trying out the idea for themselves.

dried flowers

Luckily, this temporary tattoo that won’t leave you looking like a middle schooler fresh from recess. With bright, colorful flowers that pop more than any inked tattoo, this alternative is sure to turn heads and leave you looking like a bohemian goddess. The temporary floral tattoo is expected to last four to five hours which is the perfect amount of time for someone who wants to experiment with a different body decoration for an outdoor summer festival, special occasion or just for fun. Best of all, it is super easy and cheap to do yourself. All that is required is a bunch of your favorite small flowers in colors and shapes you like, a book to press them in, tweezers and Vaseline to stick to your skin (some prefer to use eyelash glue to attach.) Channel your inner flower child and try out the gorgeous pressed flower tattoo for yourself.

floral tattoo arm

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 [Images sourced via OhComely.co.uk and Pinterest]