As an ongoing bull’s eye for the media (*grin), this latest Target photoshop mistake is just so awful, we’d like to consider it simply a stupid mistake… But then there’s the alternative, which begs some serious issues for the store and, well, society.


Target… Why?

Target, the “OK to shop by standards of the fashion crowd” megachain, is beloved to us for those handclap-worthy collaborations – who can forget that Missoni bike? So what’s going on… Goodness they have they been getting a bad rep these days. First it was the whole identity theft thing, and now onto this photoshopping madness.

Yesterday, the store put up e-commerce photographs of a teen modeling a swimsuit. Oh, but it doesn’t end there. The horrible editing of these images, in a horrific attempt to make her legs look smaller, made the model appear as if she’s lost her crotch. (There’s no better way to say that.)

“It was an unfortunate error on our part and we apologize,” Target spokesman Evan Miller told “We removed the image from the site and we’re working to get a new image up there.”

Maybe some interns got to let loose in the image department? “Obviously” it’s a huge error and yes it’s unfortunate. And hey, they quickly apologized (they’re getting really good at that), plus on the upside — because life and lemons and whatever — at least it’s reopened the sensitive topic for the multi-millionth time. *sigh. It’s important to remember the effect women’s weight has in media culture. Especially, when it comes to consumerism. Especially, when it comes to fashion. At the end of the day, the Target photoshop mistake will be taken care of and the store we’ve come to know and love will pick up with it’s usual doses of street cred.

But right now, we must take a moment to point out that this photoshop mistake is so bad, even an untrained eye is capable of being like, “Wait what? How does a swimsuit make a perfect square like that? Where’s her vagina!!!”  So, in the spirit of silly fuck ups errors, here are some more hysterical photoshop mistakes of the past we just had to share. — RACHEL ELEANOR SUTTON

Hey! LADY! Model!! You’re pussy is burning.

brad pitt photoshop mistake with son and family

Did you know Brad Pitt’s baby had an evil twin that also doubles as a professional photo bomber.

model magazine photoshop mistake surfing

Poor Miss Veronica Kay. She’s clearly having a bad day. She might be on the cover of a sexy magazine, but she’s missing a leg. Shark awareness, folks.

beyonce photoshop mistake

Someone give Beyonce an extra hand! Oh wait. She already has one.

sports photoshop mistake with female athlete

This is just so creepy… Hopefully it actually was an error and not some sign. Why is there a balance beam in a cloudy, off-season cornfield anyways?

model jessica hart photoshop mistake

Come on… We all know Jessica Hart has the hottest body in the world and no, those boobs didn’t age 50 years older than the rest of her.

[Images sourced via boredpandahongkait & (featured image) dailymail]

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