I moved to Brooklyn a couple of years ago, from a very different kind of place across the river in New Jersey. I lived on 7th avenue in Park Slope, and ventured to Greenpoint. I should also mention I was robbed last Friday, so now I am totally a true New Yorker. I still have a sense of how Brooklyn and New York used to be. Neighborhoods where no one owned a car, where the streets belonged to children playing stickball, where teenagers flipped pennies against the concrete walls, where a cube of ice outside was refuge against the summer heat, a girl in a mod dress walking down 5th avenue in the sixties, and in the late seventies a boy named Jean-Michel Basquiat scribbled “SAMO” on the corners of walls. The city has always been a museum. I decided I wanted to dip into the city’s past a little bit, hold it from afar, look at it through a telescope. And since its been a billion degrees lately, and we are in the midst of a July where the platform of subway stations are hell, I decided to take you through decades of Summers in New York. A mosaic of neighborhoods, the beaches of Coney Island, Debbie Harry in the streets… What a voyage. – Emily Marucci

 Manhattan streets with their powerful throbs, with beating drums as now,
The endless and noisy chorus, the rustle and clank of muskets, (even the sight of the wounded,)
Manhattan crowds, with their turbulent musical chorus!
Manhattan faces and eyes forever for me.


nambrenaurbano.blogspot-1911-new york-summer

 1911 – nambrenaurbano.blogspot


1920 or earlier – Photographed by George Bain

Fountains, Madison Sq. Park on hot day

1920s or earlier – Photographed by George Bain – Madison Square Park fountains


1920 – Coney Island


 1920 – Postcard From South Beach N.Y.


1949 – Photographed by Harold Feinstein


1950s – Coney Island – photo Febuaryfever


1960 – Lee Remick on Bowery – Photographed by Sam Shaw


1960s – Stroll down 5th Avenue


1967 – Coney Island –Photograph by Diane Arbus – Americansububx


1968 – Hippies in Washington Square Park


1969 – Life Magazine


1969 – Life Magazine




1977 – Debbie Harry – Photographed by Bob Gruen


1980 – John Lennon + Yoko Ono

kennethjareckie.typepad.com-1990-new york-skyline-summer-pier-hudson

1990 – Photographed by Kenneth Jareckie

farm4static flickr-hot dog-nathan's-coney island-summer-90s

1990s – Coney Island

tumblr-90s-central park-new york-print shirt-hunk

1990 – Central Park

toby dammit-1995 tour-coney island-summer-new york-brooklyn

1995 – Coney island – Photographed by Toby Dammit

reporterosenilnea-summer-ew york-washington square park-fountain-summer


demotix-mermaid parade-new york-coney island-summer

2000s – Mermaid Parade – Coney Island

emergingtruth-sprinkler-new york-penningto court

2000s – Emergingtruth

stephen chernin-getty images-guardian-coney island-kitsch-summer-2007

2007 – Coney Island – Photographed by Stephen Chernin

radiohannibal-summer solstice-summer-2011-times square-manhattan-new york

2011 – Summer Solstice

gvshp.org-greenwich village-2011-pride-gay-summer

2011 – Gay Pride Parade – Greenwich Village – gvshp.org

New york times-2012-summer-heat-new york-fire hydrant-kids-playtime-vacation

2012 – N.Y. Times

emergingtruth-new york-2012-summer-yoga-taxi-cab

2012 – Emergingtruth

2012-new york daily news-heat-summer-new york-soccer-boys-shirtless

2012 – Daily News


2013– uzinyc


2013 – Central Park – U.S. News

blogfinger-2013-washington square park-5th avenue-picnic-summer

2013 – Washington Square Park –Blogfinger

Signe Birck-brooklyn- heatwave-2013-fire hydrant-summer-hot-water


2013 – Brooklyn heat wave – Photographed by Signe Birck


2013 – Time Out New York

[featured image via Daily News]