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Arugh… Yeah the holiday falls on Monday this year, which makes  St. Patrick’s Day NYC a bit more reserved than usual. Still, we’ve found the best go-to places for your evening o’ green so that you can do St. Patrick’s Day NYC properly — minus pub crawls.

st. patrick's day NYC guide and fashion inspiration with audrey hepburn in a green hat

Fashion cues from Audrey… Always welcome.

Whatever you’re heritage may be, on March 17th, you’re flippin’ Irish! Are yas’ with us? Good. While you’re donning green, and even though it’s a St. Patrick’s Day NYC on the most manic day of the week *sad face, we suggest you cheers to the evening with some beer drinking and people pinching at these laid back, staple pub/bars. Here are a few spots around the city — some of which are serving traditional St. Patrick’s Day specials — so that even ya’ working folk don’t have to miss out on all the fun. Leprechauns welcome. Note: be sure to drink a shit ton of water throughout the night and eat some hearty food (especially all the cabbage) because a no-show on Tuesday is oh so obvious.

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