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We live in a world where we are surrounded by drugs. In the 21st century, there’s really no avoiding them.

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Besides, most of them are legal and simply require a valid prescription from your doctor to obtain. Others are not so legal. But everyone takes them, whether you like to admit it or not, and many for different reasons.

Some people like to take drugs that make up for what they view as deficiencies in their personality.  You might feel you are boring, so you drink to be fun. You might lack focus, clarity and motivation, so you use stimulants like cocaine or speed. You might not be an affectionate person, so you take ecstasy to feel a sense of togetherness and a connection with others. You may need to finish a term paper that you can’t concentrate on because there’s fun stuff to do or shit to watch on TV… In which case you drink five Redbulls or eat some prescription drugs that your friend gave you and write thousands of words of nonsensical drivel.

Some people just do it because they can. They like to get fucked up! Which makes it a hedonistic pursuit, so you should be careful what you choose to indulge in from the outset if you wish to avoid a crippling addiction, an overerdose or perhaps a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head [see Heroin].

In any case, you should always know what you’re getting into so you can minimize the risks involved.

Once again, while we do not advocate the use of any of the illegal substances listed below, we do believe younger generations of people that are uneducated about illegal drugs have the right to know what to expect-should they be faced with the opportunity to take them.

Now where were we?

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Tabs, acid, Trips, Dots, Microdots 

“%&$)&() Are you seeing this?! &#%$@^(#”

Drug info: Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) has been used as a mind bending drug since the late 50’s, and it wasn’t just the hippies that got inovlved. In a secret operation codenamed MK Ultra the CIA was exploring the idea of mind control as a weapon of war, and performed several experiments using LSD to affect the mental states of soldiers.

Method: LSD is usually consumed by dissolving a tab (a small piece of paper soaked with a minuscule amount of the drug) on the back of the tongue. However, sometimes trace elements of LSD can be consumed in cocktail drugs such as ecstasy.

Where: Since hallucinogenic drugs can have a profound impact on your mental state of mind, a comfortable environment with friends or among people you feel safe around should be emphasized. Things tend to get strange, so you should aim to minimize stressful situations or scary people in order to avoid a bad trip.

Anonymous user experience: “I literally had the best day of my life after dosing some LSD on very little sleep a few years ago. I sat staring at a picture of the universe, and then became fully consumed by it and was in space with meteors and shit zooming past. Later that day I created a fireball in my hand and threw it across the surface of a pool. It exploded into a thousand colors when it hit the back fence. I was God. It was rad. “ –anonymous user

Notable users: Steve Jobs, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, many notable influential people.

Pros: Hallucinations, elevated mood, a profound change in mental state of mind, an ability to see things from a new and different perspective. The common negative stigma attached to LSD is the fear that the user may never return to reality (e.g. Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett), however many users have reported safe, enjoyable and generally positive psychedelic experiences.

Cons: A negative environment can result in a bad trip and induce fear, paranoia and hallucinations that could be terrifying.

Is it addictive? No. But you might develop a taste for it.