In this week’s SHK column – The sexiest swimwear line you’ll ever see, some music for your cubicle & a blonde with bangs bombshell blogger you need to know.

sahara ray model


We are totally obsessed with Sahara Ray in general. She’s the bae that’s too sexy for her own good but still manages to be likable to girls who wanna be like her. She’s full of  rainbow colored hair (sometimes), full lips, Nike socks & lots of fun. But  now she’s got a swimwear line too. So we are like… What else can this girl do?

sahara ray swimwear

sahara ray black swimsuit


These mellow remixes that are perfect for your lonesome, drowsy, this sucks so much days at work.




lisa dengler blogger

Our new fav blogger Lisa Dengler. Who also happens to be a photographer, stylist, designer & model. OH MY.

lisa dengler