Happy Roid Week!

Even though Polaroid no longer manufactures film for its cameras, instant photography hasn’t lost its place as an iconic artistic medium. Polaroids beautifully turn fleeting moments into tangible, pocket-sized memories. The unpredictability of the film and the instability of the images over time adds to the preciousness of each photograph in a way completely absent from traditional film and digital photography. In honor of the legacy of the Polaroid, Roid Week launches a celebration of instant photography, giving away free film and showcasing some of their favorite images sourced via Flickr. We’ve put together some of our own personal favorites by famous artists, friends, and amateurs around the world.     Polaroid week Don Rodan

Don Rodan

Polaroid Roid Week Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen

Polaroid Roid Week Art Kane

Art Kane

stuff polaroid roid week boy

 Gail Bryan

stuff polaroid roid week butts

Enrico Bossan

  stuff polaroid roid week david hockney

David Hockney

stuff polaroid roid week destroyed

William Miller

stuff polaroid week north hollywood

 Larsen Sotelo

stuff polaroid roid week legs faceLucas Samaras

stuff polaroid week maurizio galimberti

Maurizio Galimberti

stuff polaroid roid week sea

Ryan McFarland

stuff polaroid roid week seagulls

 Peter Jones

stuff polaroid roid week andy warhol

Andy Warhol

stuff polaroid roid week window reflection

David M. Hayes

stuff roid week polaroid William Allard

William Allard

stuff roid week polaroid Valerie Burton

Valerie Burton

[Images sourced from: Ryan McFarland, Larsen Sotelo, These Americans, Ruined Polaroids, and The Polaroid Book]