This week includes Earth Day, so here at SHK, we’ve been branching out and talking about things like eco-friendly fashion, bitters and yoga… Not that everything has to do exactly with the Earth, but being in the mindset of the environmentally friendly is an inside/outside sort of deal. So for this week’s SHK column, we’re featuring the amazingly curated ax + apple vintage collection, the down-to-earth vibes of  Katy Goodman’s solo project, La Sera, and we know — without a doubt — everyone should be taking advantage of the new Reformation sale raising awareness for the greenest day of the year. Apil 20th – April 26th.


ax + apple vintage sante fe cuff

Carefully curated one of a kind gems brought to you with love.

Ax + Apple‘s Jamie Lyn, artist at heart, has engaged her talents in a variety of mediums from period films to prop styling. Along the way, she managed to gather quite the collection of vintage stuff, like world coins, various pocket watches and penknives. In the spirit of “making things like they used to,” the curator combined her knowledge, experience and ability to gather unique materials into one cohesive project — thus, enters ax + apple.

Ax+Apple was founded on a dollar and a considerable case of wanderlust. Endlessly devoted to staying in touch with our roots, we have hand-picked one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, adding new treasures to the collection on each of our wind-chasing journeys. We present to you Ax+Apple Vintage, a curation of long lost relics once buried under time, now shined up like new.

ax and apple vintage jewelry collection

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