Leave your skinny jeans at the door. You don’t want them here.


If you’re craving some old school American soul food — ideal for lazy weekends — head over to Queens Comfort in Astoria. People flock here for the food, ambience and figurine Décor (a collection of random childhood memorabilia thats oh so fun). And, even though you aren’t allowed to play with the toys, there are pretty light bulbs draping the walls and dipping from the ceiling, tracing seams of light across the rustic interior.

The servers are dressed in casual clothes, so if that hot guy or gal starts heading your way, don’t get too excited. They might just be approaching you to say, “Hi, how many people in your group?” Followed by, “The wait will be about 20 minutes.”


When it comes to brunch at Queens Comfort, it’s all about the soul food… Like, giant platters of chicken and waffles and hearty eggs Benedict options. For appetizers, the Atomic Fire Balls, made of deep-friend mac and cheese and served with sriracha, will most likely leave you humming Jerry Lee Lewis.



The Disco Tots are totally amaze balls. They’re basically tater tots in sawmill gravy and melted cheddar. Definitely give this dish a go-go.

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 If you’re in the mood for sweet potatoes, the Purple People Eaters are a must-try. Purple sweet potato is caged in a deep-fried shell, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with maple chipotle aioli.

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 One of the newest additions on the menu consists of two poached eggs perched atop fresh biscuits and garnished with a sprinkling of carrots and chives, and plenty of cranberries and collard greens. The Hollandaise sauce completes the dish.

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The Down By Law Benedict contains roasted chicken and bacon jam with poached eggs on crispy buttermilk biscuits. Don’t be surprised that the Hollandaise sauce accompanies nearly every benedict on the menu, because what are benedicts without the creamy, lemony sauce that we all love so much?

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If you’re craving a sandwich, it’s out with the boring and in with the yummy. The Corn Flake Crusted Chicken Sandwich with green goddess slaw and hot honey mustard is a crowd pleaser, along with the unique Fried BBQ Tofu Sandwich, glazed with a taste of Asia.

Now, onto the sweet stuff. Wouldn’t you love to try the Pumpkin Butterscotch Bread Pudding, or the Crispy Chocolate Salami? The latter is deep-fried chocolate ganache with raisins, pecans, dates and whipped cream. So yeah… If you’re not sold by that, then you probably had some kind of accident resulting in taste bud malfunction. Note: this local spot is also BYOB. — CARISSA GAN

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[photographs by Carissa Gan]