Beat the heat with these boozy sweets.

Popsicle red lips

There is not much I love more than a sweet fruity frozen treat on a summer day, but add some alcohol to the equation and I am one happy lady in the sun. Popsicle cocktails is a trend I can get behind. I mean, why have a childlike popsicle when you can have an adult version? Cool down and get a buzz with one of these sticky, frozen treats.

Grapefruit And Strawberry Greyhound Popsicle

Strawberry greyhound popsicles

 A classic Greyhound drink is my go-to cocktail for it’s refreshing grapefruit juice to cut the alcohol. This popsicle recipe is a twist on the classic by adding a bit of strawberry to brighten and sweeten things up. A simple and light recipe, all you’ll need is:

8 oz. fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice (about a 1lb grapefruit)
12 oz. strawberries (about 12 medium strawberries)
5 oz vodka

See full recipe here.