Can photo booths get any cooler? Apparently, they can.


written by CARISSA GAN

We love photo booths and we can’t think of why anyone who would hate these genius inventions. It just doesn’t make sense, unless the person is awfully camera shy — which we would say, have a couple more shots and then talk to us.

Created by Tyler Williams, Photomadic applies a modern and interactive spin upon the world of photo booths so that these photo-taking events are greeted with loads more fun and convenience.

It all started when Williams, a photographer and marketing professional from Dallas, realized that photo booths lacked the innovation and design that could potentially boost users’ experience. So in 2012, he channeled his ideas into Photomadic and birthed a whole new dynamic photo booth system that allows you to upload your photos onto social media outlets and apply cool Instagram filters. And there’s no need to worry about losing your prints either, since everything will be stored online. Sweet thinking, Tyler.

With three funky packages, Photomadic is the perfect party-pleaser. You can either have it as a standard photo booth (think of it as a giant selfie machine!). Or have it as the Paparazzi Booth, which snaps three photos in a row in a digital photo strip. And finally, there’s the uber-awesome premium animated Gif booth — it lets you take four photos and automatically churns them into both an animated gif and a photo collage.

If you live in NYC, LA or Dallas, you can just rent a photo booth and have the team come over and set it up for you. And if you don’t live in any of those cities but would want to rent one, you can easily have it shipped over — hassle free! Not to worry, it’s equipped with Photomadic’s remote access support so you won’t have to worry about technical issues.So the next time you host a party or event, add Photomadic to the VIP (Very Important Photo Booth) list!

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