Ahhhh summertime. You get to spend your weekends lounging beach-or poolside with a yummy cocktail in hand. It’s so hot out so you put on your skimpiest bikini and if your daring, hell, throw on your boobkini. Yes, a boobkini. “What the fuck,” is what you’re probably thinking.

This new trend is aimed to help woman excerise their right to go topless, without of course causing a whole bunch of freaks to stare at your bare chest. I mean they will still stare, but maybe not as creepily, more out of curiosity. Men (and all Europeans) go bare-chested at the beach, and society hasn’t totally failed yet so why is there such a stigma here in the United States about women going topless? If you ladies have ever spent a sweltering day pondering this double standard, then it’s time for you to meet the swimwear that’s aiming to change this double standard. It’s called the the Tata Top.

 Invented by Chicago women Michelle Lytle and Robyn Graves, the Tata Top is a bikini top available in a variety of skin tones with nipples screen-printed on. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a totally healthy discussion about those sexist double standards at your next backyard BBQ. The Tata Top cost’s a cheap $28, and Lytle and Graves have pledged to give $5 from each sale to the Lynn Sage Foundation, a Chicago-based breast cancer charity, so there’s really excuse for you to not buy one for yourself. What better way to celebrate freedom this summer and freak out some beach goers or perves? I say you buy one here.

tata top creepy guy in back

tata top pouring coffee

boobkini on the beach

[images sourced via The Tata Shop]