Premiering onihg, The Normal Heart tells the story of a gay New York City activist trying to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS during the 1980s. With big name actors like Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, and Matt Bomer, you don’t want to miss this life-changing film.

the normal heart

Written by academy award winner Larry Kramer and directed by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story and Glee), this play-turned- movie tells the story of the HIV/AIDS outbreak of the 1980s, and focuses on just how little was known about the cause of the epidemic. Mark Ruffalo stars as the gay activist/writer Ned Weeks, who believes that the only way to get people to care about the epidemic is to “agitate the masses”. Weeks is just one member of the gay community who is desperate for answers. Other notable actors to look out for are Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons, Alfred Molina, and Jonathan Groff.

Julia Robert’s on The Ellen Show

Matt Bomer’s Interview with HBO

Mark Ruffalo’s Interview with HBO

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