The collages of Matthew Conradt.

Matthew Conradt pink

Matthew Conradt’s mix media works in many ways represent the current disarray of the American Dream. Growing up in the mid-western rust belt, Conradt uses images of of wood paneling from trailer homes, giant parking lots, or elaborate, wealthy interiors, which have become portents and signifiers of the substantial class differences that currently exist in this country. With collages that meld and blend into a dream like state of America past and present, we see a transition of American culture from within eras and classes mashed up into a gorgeous display.

Matthew Conradt received his Masters in Fine Art from Pratt Institute and was an Artist-In-Residence at the Cooper Union School of Art in 2008. His work has been featured in the The Artist’s Magazine, in the Philadelphia City Paper, NY Arts Magazine and was reviewed as part of a group show last year in The New York Times.

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