It’s International Ask a Question Day, favorite film edition. Plus, we’re reminding you of some classic movies. That way, all you lame-o peeps those of you not getting totally wasted on green beer this weekend, have something else to do.

Before we’re hit with another great holiday — St. Patrick’s Day — there’s another holiday in the midst. That is, International Ask a Question Day, which is today, March 13th. It’s a day that supports asking any questions no matter how deep or silly they are. It’s a day that brings attention to those mysteries that have been bothering you and important issues that we, as a society, question daily. Yeah, there’s shit tons of question marks floating through daily life, but they’re in our favorite films, too. With spring around the corner, and rainy day rentals are still on our minds, here are some of Hollywood’s greatest unanswered questions that continue to annoy us.

How did the Joker really get his scars in The Dark Knight?

Heath Ledger as the Joker in Dark Knight

In the this film, The Joker has two stories that he tells of how he got his scars. One was about his wife who’s face gets carved that way because of card sharks, so he carves his own face to prove he doesn’t care about her scars. The other story is about his alcoholic father who slices his facade to “put a smile on his face.” Were either of those stories true? Did he just self-inflict himself because he is a sociopath? The world may never really know, but I am definitely leaning toward the later.

What’s the name of Edward Norton’s character in Fight Club?

figuring out what edward norton's name is in Fight Club.

This one actually does have an answer and only two people in the world know it. Edward Norton and the man that actually gave him the name, the writer of the novel Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk. Many people assume that his name is Tyler Durden. Others think it’s “Jack” because of the Reader’s Digest stories, which the narrator would refer to, that introduce people’s organs as “I am Jack’s Liver.” Who knows.

How did Winnie Sanderson know about cops pulling cars over in Hocus Pocus?

Winnie Anderson in Hocus Pocus

This is more of a personal aggrivation because I watch this movie every Halloween and it still annoys me. Hocus Pocus tells the story of three sister witches from the 1600’s that are brought back to life thanks to a teenager who lit a black flame candle. When they first arrive in the modern 1993 world, they’re terrified about crossing a black river which actually turns out to be just a paved road. Later on in the film, while chasing the kids, Winnie flies next to the car on her broomstick and tells them to “Pull over! Let me see your driver’s permit!” How can a witch who didn’t know what a paved road was all of a sudden know about police pulling over cars? It’s an annoying mystery that haunts me every October.

Did Patrick Bateman really kill all those people or was it just in his head in American Psycho?

patrick bateman in american physco

This one always makes a great debate with your friends. Patrick Bateman is a wealthy Wall Street man who is into “murders and executions,” or is he? We see him kill Paul Allen, some prostitutes, and more, but did he really kill them? At the end of the film he tries to admit it, but his colleague says he saw Paul Allen the other day — so… dun dun dun. He can’t be killed. Even in the book, written by Bret Easton Ellis, the storyline keeps us hanging. So, Mr. Ellis, tell us: Is it just in Bateman’s head or was he really that excellent of an aimer with a chainsaw?

Why couldn’t Rose share the door with Jack in Titanic?

rose and jack on door in titanic

For all you Leo lovers out there, a.k.a. basically every girl with a vagina, Titanic is so, so real, but also so, so Heartwrenching (capital-H). From the captain going down with his ship to that elderly couple (you know the one I’m talking about), it’s like, totally top five best saddest movie to watch. But the “I’ll never let go, Jack,” scene? Come on! She did let go! Why couldn’t they take turns on the door, Rose? The up and down action would have warmed you both. Or, better yet, why couldn’t they’ve both shared it and laid on it together? Would it have sunk? Let us know these things! It was seemingly a big enough door. But, if that did happen, it might not have been the same sad movie we know and love.

Well, as you can, life and Hollywood is full of mystery. Ask away, people. Be as annoying as you want. It’s International Ask A Question Day. — KELLY MCINERNEY

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