Our tried and tested way to minimize the effects of a hangover… I know what you’re thinking and no, you can’t just pick one. Lazy. Hangover cures require work.


1. Drop Some Pills.

Not a pill popper? Me neither. But this doesn’t happen often (or does it? Pause for reflection on your life choices). So do yourself a favor and pop a pill. One Aleve or Two Advil.


2. Shower Like a Boss.

I find that if you take your shower to the MAX, you’ll feel at least 25% better than you did all dry, smelly and miserable. You MUST shampoo and condition, loofa the shit outta’ yourself with something that smells like achievement. And, shave; hairy legs aren’t good for anyone. Blow-dry your mop because people walking around with wet hair are weird… And have the flu.


3. Make Yourself Not Naked… i.e. Get Dressed.

Do not get back in your onesie, do not dress like a grungy ’90s skateboarder (or do).

Ladies, you want to wear looser fitting pants. Try harem pants, ideally with a stretchy waist. You are most likely bloated, especially if you were on Pumpkin Spice beer last night; a baggy-T to cover your food baby and if you’re in an office, a cotton blazer. No pumps, always flats or chunky boots. Some lipstick doesn’t hurt either. FYI: I’m doing the hangover look like a boss today in a financial services office. If I can do it, you can do it.


4. Eat Smart. Don’t Confuse That with Healthy.

Do not go to McDonalds. I’m a huge fan of the sausage, egg & cheese, but you will only feel worse if you go to Ronald’s house. This is what you do… Get a carb immediately; bagel with cream cheese (never pass up cheese), toast, whatever — I go with pita & hummus — a piece of fruit, and a water, orange juice and a coffee. You HAVE TO have all three beverages, as it’s the trifecta. Don’t screw this up.


5. Ignore People.

People who wear headphones are 84% more likely to not be approached by a co-worker than a person who has no ear protection.

I just made that up. But I’m sure it’s almost correct.


I’ve done all five of these things today and I’m a champion…. I’ve got the shakes, but I’m a champion. Good luck with your problems. — WHITNEY BRODRIBB (more Whitney wittiness here).

p.s. Try some Reque water too!

[all images via Tumblr except for last image photographed by KATIE MCCURDY, please contact us for credits]