Sure, pills can be super fun, but they also have weird side effects. We decided to find a natural path to the bedroom with these green aphrodisiac foods.


WASABI: Add some spice to your love life baby. Japan has got it right with this one. While sushi may be a delicacy, don’t let wasabi be. This spicy green topping can get your blood pumping and your body moving. Be careful not to add too much though, even the toughest of mouths have a hard time handling this one.

AVOCADO: If you don’t love avocado you’re crazy, but here’s one more reason to try it. Packed full of essential vitamins (yum) for late night duets, this fruit was made to be a dinner treat so treat yourself right and add it to your salad or just dig in directly to this yummy greenness. It’s going to keep you up all night eating and not the avocado.

CARDAMOM: This dates back to the Arabian Knights in its lore, but it’s not just lore, it’s a natural miracle. Get things going by crushing this baby up with one of your cutest crushes. A common ingredient in cooking, you will probably find this in your Indian cuisine, but the best part is it goes great with coffee, so after breakfast add it to your cup of joe and get your morning started the sexiest way possible…

ASPARAGUS: If you don’t know why this one is on the list, we understand, but believe it or not this veggie packs a love potion punch. It’s got all kinds of goodies inside that can get you going to those final moments. Not to mention, it can be used as a tool for touching and tickling. Get kinky, get weird.

ARUGULA: Here’s the clincher. Make a bed of salad out of this good green and don’t be surprised at what happens in your bed. This one had been proven and proven to work by scientists and lovers alike. Oh, and the best part is that with arugula, you have the final ingredient for a great dish we’ve subsequently laid out in our little list here. That’s right… You were probably starting to think it, and it’s true. Throw all these listed ingredients together for a yummy (extremely sexy) salad. We suggest you have the salad at the beginning of your meal, then try and tell us you made I through the next course. — NICK STEWART

For your sexy salad…


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