Girls are winning. Studies show that woman in their twenties earn more than men of the same age.

30 is not the new 20 apparently. With that being said, I can’t even count how many times my parents told me that I really ought to be getting my shit together in my 20s. I’ve been told to be proactive about my career; don’t refuse to get a full-time job as an excuse to figure out who the fuck you are. People tell me to stop dating asshole losers etc. All great advice, yes, but why does no one ever say this shit to men? Well new studies are showing that you should start because girls make more green than men.

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 Women in there twenties who have a full-time job now earn more than men of the same age. A study conducted by the Office for National Statistics showed that in 2010, women aged between 22 and 29 were paid more than men for the first time in history. Girl power. The same study found that salaries of women don’t fall behind those of men until they hit their 40s. 

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This trend is said to be fuel by woman choosing to focus on careers rather than motherhood or marriage. We want to be free to do what we want, when we want and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

In the majority of United States metropolitan areas, single women with no children in their 20s out-earned their male peers. In Dallas, for example, a 20-something woman makes $1.18 to a man’s $1. Yeah buddy.

There are many possible reasons for the rise in this shift, such as more women going to college and the increasing importance of a career on a younger generation of girls. Women dominate today’s colleges and professional schools — for every two men who will receive a B.A. this year, three women will do the same.

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 So is it safe to say that women mature faster or have more ambition? A study conducted by Nickelodeon UK, shows woman do mature faster. The study found that men don’t reach maturation until the age of 43, 11 years after women. I’m not a betting woman, but if I were I could have guessed this one. Maybe that’s another reason why men start to make more money than woman in their 40s?

While it’s not that surprising that women are way more ambition now a days than our mothers and grandmothers may have been, it’s pretty surprising when they also display more ambition than their male peers. Men’s ambitions have dimmed in finding the kind of stable jobs and careers their fathers and grandfathers took for granted. With the uncertainties of the new economy, where few jobs offer lifetime security, men’s scaled back aspirations are as understandable as women’s rising goals.

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The shift in how were raised may play a role. Mothers use to advise their daughters to find a “nice, successful boy,” while fathers high-five their sons when they bring home the blonde prom queen. This seems to be shifting for women. I think fewer women are looking for a successful “boy” and are focusing on creating a successful life for themselves. Preach. Maybe it has something to do with the divorce rate being approximately 50 percent. Divorces are actually prompting more women to enter the labor force.

These facts are beyond fascinating, but lets start getting real. What happens to society when women make more green than men? If you’re a 20-something-old woman and your male partner suddenly found out you made twice as much as he does, how would he react?

The fact is, particularly for young ambitious females, the chances of finding an equal partner in terms of pay and education is statistically challenging. Even if you do land a first date with this dude, there may not be a second, for certain psychological reasons. That’s because lets face it. Most guys honestly can’t stand that their woman makes more or equal than them.

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I dated a dude a few years back that became successful at a young age. When we first started dating I didn’t make much money. As our relationship matured, I got a really good job, was making decent money and was in the process of getting my bachelors degree. I started to become more independent and it bothered him that I wasn’t reliant on him. He would purposely take me out to expensive restaurants I couldn’t afford so he could pay. He wanted me to be dependent on him and he wanted us to have the type of relationship where he made the money and I stayed home to cook and clean. You could guess how quickly that ended. Fuck that. I don’t cook or clean for anyone but myself.

When it comes to relationships, I don’t need a man who makes millions or someone to take care of me, but I need someone with ambition, passion and drive. I don’t need a deadbeat who wants to sit on his ass all day or a guy who wants me to rely on him to make himself feel good. I also want someone who can accept that a woman can and should be independently successful.

I went to college and got a degree because I wanted to better my life and insure a safe future. I shouldn’t have to limit myself for a dude after having worked my ass off to get to where I am. I know better. That’s why I rather stay single for now or until I find someone who is at the level I want and honestly, I don’t think that’s being selfish at all.

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 I applaud the fact that women are taking the initiative to stop relying on men and are deciding to focus on education rather than marriage and having children. Times are changing and gender roles are changing with that. Women aren’t expected to stay home to be Susie homemaker anymore. Sadly, barriers and pay gaps still exist, but most women are able to pursue any career they’d like. Just look at the facts. There are more women breadwinners than ever and apparently it will continue to rise. You go girls!