The word odyssey refers to “a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience.” However, the creative sensibilities behind the term allows for endless amounts of artistic extensions. For me, the term brings about an image of a space cowboy; clearly I have some underlining inspirations of Homer and outer space inevitably merging somewhere in my ridiculous imagination. Still, the ridiculous vastness of the definition is what I love the most about it… It’s one of those words you can twist and turn at your own will, which, in the end, is exactly what the term itself represents: a journey. Everything is “an odyssey,” a change within yourself, getting a new tattoo, designing a new line, moving up in your career, moving to a new city, etc. The adventure within the journey is what excites me most, and it’s also what contributed to the creation of this spring issue.


Ernest Hemingway is quoted as saying, “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it’s the journey that matters, in the end.” Well… Let’s be real here. Sometimes we can go through so much stress and turmoil en route to our desired destinations that if Hemingway popped up and told us this during those times, we’d probably hand him a bottle of Whisky and tell him to get lost. We tend to forget that even though there’s so much bull shit to sift through, in the end, it’s the bad that makes the good so good. With that in mind I proudly welcome you to the first digital, interactive edition of SHK, The Odyssey Issue. The pages you’re about to consume will bring you on an exploration. A winding road. A voyage. From an outer space inspired fashion story, to a nomad jewelry designer, to a songwriter who grew up learning classical music hidden away in the South African mountains, this issue you’re about to read will make you think, make you listen and make you move to see more.


As you go about your everyday life and try to achieve your goals, I ask you to remember that life is about the voyage, not the destination, and to consider how the sensational (and not so sensational) things you SeeHear and Know influence you along the way.