Tip your glasses to this Autumn cocktail.

In this autumn cocktail two great Irish liquors come together… Tullamore Dew Whiskey and Magners Apple Cider. So you are thinking, I’m trying to get you drunk, but I’m really giving you some ideas for your little get togethers, nights in, an idea of what to order at the corner bar, and yeah I’m trying to get you feeling good.


1 ½ oz Tullamore Dew

1 ½ oz Magners Apple Cider

1 ½ oz of fresh lime juice

½ oz simple syrup or sugar

2 mint leaves for muddling and garnish

Muddle mint and simple syrum or sugar in a glass. Add whiskey, cider and lime. Fill with ice and shape. Make it pretty with a mint sprig and lime (that red apple looking thing is supposed to be lime… I had an image crisis.) One more reason to love fall. — Emily Marucci