In this week’s SHK Column — french fries and viral videos (a cat rescues a boy) you need to SEE, music you need to HEAR and rad stuff you need to KNOW.


This duck shaped french fry some dude found on Tumblr:

duck shaped french fry

 A cat came to her boy’s rescue when he was attacked by a dog in his driveway and and it was all caught on video. 4-year-old Jeremy, who has mild autism said, “Tara (the cat) is my hero.”

Unbelievable Rescue By Cat

The greatest love stories are the ones between animals:

Mowgli // & Frog from Quimby on Vimeo.


We discovered Caveman (the band) and they have a new album out you should buy here. Here’s a little taste of them live:

Caveman: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


weaver house the tattoo project

Our favorite blog The Weaver House has a photography series called The Tattoo Project. “We are currently recruiting volunteers to participate in a portrait project about tattoos and the personal histories behind them. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to share your ink and your story. In exchange for your participation, we’d provide you with digital copies of your portraits, as well as a copy of the zine we hope to create!”