Why spend big bucks on flower pots and planters when you can make personalized ones that are way cuter than the ones they sell in stores? Spring is in full swing and it’s times to hit up the local thrift stores and flea markets and get some cheap DIY flower pots that are easy to upcycle.



Chalkboard paint

Foam brush

Old or used flower pot


Optional material:

Regular paint. Choose color of your choice

Excess fabric

Cutout designs

Step 1: If you decide you’re going to paint your flower pot a different color first, this is your first step. Using leftover paint can be used instead of buying new paint. Lay down old newspaper then paint both the inside and the outside of the flower pot. Let it dry for 24 hrs.

painting a flower pot pink

Step 2: Once the original paint has dried you can begin painting the areas you want with chalkboard paint. Continue painting until you have a solid 2-3 layers of chalkboard paint. You can use stencils and cut outs to create designs for the chalkboard paint if you choose.

cutout hearts flower pot

Step 3: Use any excess fabric lying around to add a personal touch to your flowerpot.  Try taking strips of fabric and wrapping it around the rim of the flowerpot.  You can also paint or draw on designs of the rim and leave the base of the pot to decorate with chalk.

fabric rim flower pot

There are so many ways to personalize this DIY flower pot, but whatever design you decide will be the perfect addition to your garden or home!

stencil finished flower pot