Breaking up in the digital age, a.k.a. being digitally dumped.

Digital break up

Breaking up has always been hard to do but now with the influx of social media platforms and technology, breaking up digitally conveniently relieves the dumper from all the awkwardness that accompanies face-to-face contact with the dumpee. We all know that technology and social media are rapidly changing the way we conduct ourselves in relationships. While it is difficult imagining it ever being appropriate to break up electronically, this seems to be the direction in which breakups are heading.

Gone are the days of giving someone the courtesy of a face-to-face conversation, as most break-ups are now being conducted digitally. A new study reveals that American men and woman between 18-30, more than half (56 percent) who ended a relationship last year, did so digitally, with the number one method for breaking up was via text message (25 percent), second was social media (20 percent) followed by email (11 percent.)

But being broken up with can be soul-pummeling experience for most people and it is mind boggling to imagine receiving little more than a notice from their tiny phone screen when encountering such heartbreak. We suggest avoiding such impersonal methods of calling it off, unless you want to be forever remembered as the coward.

Let’s take a look at some of the worst examples of digital break ups: