There’s a simplicity to Miss Swift and her accessible music we can’t help but respect (you’re kidding yourself if you disagree). Plus, she seems like a damn good time. Who wouldn’t want to be a Taylor Swift BFF?

taylor swift with bff karlie kloss on instagram

[image via Taylor Swift’s Instagram]

OK. Yeah… Taylor Swift is not my little sister or my cousin or my cousin’s best friend’s nextdoor neighbor or anything, but she always makes me proud (which is a weird thing I probably shouldn’t admit). Miss Taylor has been a favorite on my constantly changing musical rotation since the “Tear Drops On My Guitar” days. Over the years, I’ve watched her fashion sense improve about 100% and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed singing along to her endless stream of broken-hearted-angst-country-pop tunes and oh man, does she make me feel like being 22. However, I’m not the type of person you would expect to say such a thing nor am I a mainstream kind of gal — meaning, I have no idea which Kardashian is which or what Rihanna’s haircut looks like or even who the hell Taylor Swift is dating. It’s not that I try to be like this in some “I’m too cool for school” kind of way, it’s just that my world doesn’t expose me to tabloid nature — except, mind you, when I’m waiting in an annoying Duane Reade line (thank you Jared Leto for getting super famous again).

Anyways, I’ve recently had a few more flutters of pride when it comes to Taylor (yeah, I’m totally going first name basis here). More and more, I’m finding the pop princess pop up in my totally un-middle-American world: last year’s amazing Vanity Fair cover feature, her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show, when she just recently hit stalker-status stardom, and now, her ridiculously cute getaway with fashion model maven Karlie Kloss. This is it guys… It can’t be denied anymore. Taylor Swift is officially cool. *smirk. You dance whenever you hear “We Are Never Getting Back Together” anyways, so might as well accept that she’s now an appropriate topic for sceney downtown NYC convos. Maybe we’ll soon find her Instagraming lunch with Karl Lagerfeld. Maybe next year she’ll play an acoustic performance at the Bowery Ballroom. Maybe she knows Skaters. [featured image via DailyMail] — RACHEL ELEANOR SUTTON

taylor swift and karlie kloss best friends getaway

I know…

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