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When it comes to making the world a more visually pleasing, beautiful place, we’re thankful for photographer Chris Swainston. Here, we take you on a journey through a select group of exclusive SHK photographs (along with some quotes we think bring about different kinds of feelings). Meet our new favorite artist.

Olympus XA camera

I wanted to show some images that one, capture the feeling of traveling and always being on the hunt for an adventure and two, showcase images captured with my favorite camera, the Olympus XA. It’s a small film camera that literally fits in the palm of my hand. My first one was found at a thrift store for $4. I take it everywhere with me and to some degree I value it even more then my expensive digital cameras and lenses that cost thousands of dollars. It’s the unique aesthetic it produces that I  love… And the thrill of not ever knowing exactly what you’re going to get. Most of these pictures were captured in one to three frames at most, which ultimately doesn’t matter, but in the age of digital — where it’s so easy to shoot hundreds upon hundreds of images until you get the right shot — it’s refreshing to look at a single roll of film to see what worked in a single shot and not worry about the rest.

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