This is the question we were asking ourselves two weeks ago. Well, now we know, she is. And it’s awesome.



This started out as a wild story, full of debauchery, broken hearts, crazy dreams and one big what if. Except, I actually did some research and the “what if” was answered (but there are still probably some broken hearts and the crushed dreams of thousands, don’t worry and sorry boys). Cara Delevingne, model — the one we’ve all dreamed about being ever since we saw her in that first Burberry campaign back in 2011 — is dating Michelle Rodriguez. You know, that badass actress (most known for taking no one’s shit on screen in Fast & the Furious, Avatar and LOST and being openly queer off screen) who recently reminded us she swings both ways? Last week, Rodriquez confirmed her relationship with Cara, as well as her life motto: “I do what I please.” Still, although it’s totally normal and any romance news about our favorite models makes us swoon, there’s that one thing… Maybe we needed a lesbian supermodel? Isn’t the world of modeling notoriously too undiversified?

So, my wild speculation of “what if Cara were gay” was quickly killed, because she is. Still, the reality is a lot less exciting than I would have hoped (the inevitable movie adaption based on this fantasy could only have been directed by Baz Luhrman and had a budget of 500 million dollars). The truth is, the world doesn’t really seem to have noticed that Cara Delevingne now bats for both teams, and has continued on just as it has before, despite the initial hype surrounding the news. It’s not like models haven’t come out before. Freja Beha Erichsen came out a few years back as bi-sexual and there is Isis King, the transgendered contestant from season eleven and seventeen of America’s Next Top Model, who was one of the most visible transgendered people on television, ever. Maybe the world shouldn’t care. Maybe, you know, it’s none of our damn business, and two people who like each other — straight, gay, queer, trans, whatever — should be allowed to just like each other. Full stop.

I recall an interview where anonymous casting agents straight up made lists of why women of color made for unsuccessful and unattractive models (and if that’s not fucked, I don’t know what is). Watch any video from a major New York fashion week show. Chances are, you can count the models that are not pale girls with thin noses and big (probably blue) eyes on one hand. Any magazine you buy, same story. And it’s not just modeling, but television, movies, comedy — every facet of the entertainment industry is… Vanilla. Imagine a bake shop, that only serves vanilla cupcakes. No chocolate, no red velvet, no carrot cake, pistachio, peanut butter or pumpkin. Screw that.

Perhaps on the micro scale, obsessing over Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez’s relationship status is not too productive. But from the macro, it’s pretty important. Cara has already been canonized as a supermodel, literally loved and adored by thousands of people, and the not-so-secret object of the Internet’s desire. Will that change now that she’s gay? Regrettably, some people may turn against her, but she’s in the place where what she says and does in the coming weeks and months could prove to be highly pivotal in a time when the lack of diversity in modeling is being highly scrutinized and criticized. Everyone’s been grasping for models of different skin color, but it’s possible we needed models of different sexual orientation just as much. Fashion and style are important, and the choices made about the people that represent them should not be secondary thoughts, or shamefully hidden under the rug. It starts with Cara, and Freja and Isis. It starts with people just simply being themselves. The more that happens, the more we see those inclusive elements lean towards the public and become much more relatable. And yeah, yeah… We know. It’s 2014, why is this still even a discussion? We need a lesbian supermodel; we need Cara.

[images sources via weheart it & mirror ]